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Get your KOIL orders in

November 11, 2021


November 11, 2021

Dear All

We'll be putting in an oil order in this week so please can you check your tanks and let us know by 5pm on Thursday if you want to be included this time.  Also, please remember to use the word 'fill' if that's what you'd like, just to avoid any confusion.  An estimate of the volume is also needed, but you'll only be charged for what they put in.

email us on :

The last order was placed just at a time when shortages were starting to be felt and prices were hugely volatile - they still are!  For instance on the last order, comparative delivery times were between 2-3 weeks as a minimum, with the price +20p on the order before.  Until the situation calms down, the supplier has asked us to limit (but not stop entirely) the number of new members we recruit.  This is to protect supply to those 300+ members who are already in our merry band and should only be temporary, but please can you bear this in mind if you think about recommending KOIL to friends & family.  If we grow exponentially, the supplier can't continue to ensure we get our oil.  Hopefully normal service will resume soon, but in the meantime please only recommend us at your normal rate and not to lots of people on the basis we've been able to maintain service and price...or else none of us will get it!

Many thanks for your understanding.

Sarah & Amanda Document