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Village Hall News

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May 10, 2023

May 10, 2023

Village Hall News

Welcome to the new team elected at last week's Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Committee.

At the Village Hall AGM, held on 27th April 2023, the following trustees were proposed, seconded, and accepted the following roles.

Chair:   Mrs. Romy Grimwood: (Romy)

Vice Chair: Mrs Gail Wood: (Gail)

(Also Booking Clerk)

Tresurer:  Mrs Hazel Taylor: (Hazel)

Secretary: Colin Derrick: (Colin)

There was a good turnout of members and interested villagers at the Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall Committee on Thursday, 27th April 2023. There were also some big goodbyes and new faces to welcome. Outgoing Chairman, Mark Tottman, delivered a report of the committee’s achievements, which included: the significant upgrade of the kitchen, the installation of a new boiler, the painting of the hall (both internally and externally), the refurbishment of the electrics, the improvements made to the changing rooms, the works carried out on the Bowls office and the insulating the loft space, to name a few.Outgoing Treasurer, Kate Pearson, provided an encouraging report of the financial affairs of the committee that supported its good works. Mark and Kate were heartily congratulated on their efforts on behalf of the committee. There were further goodbyes and a special note of thanks given to long-standing members of the committee, Rita Hallam and Rita Byrne, for their long service and support. In addition, Colin Derrick, was thanked for his sterling work with the kitchen refurbishment, Tina Morley was thanked for securing ACRE funding and Gail Wood was thanked for all of her work at the Hall.The new committee was elected and Romy Grimwood will now Chair the committee, with Gail Wood, as the Vice Chairman. The new elected treasurer is Hazel Taylor and the secretary, is Colin Derrick.The rest of the committee consists of Gerry Byrne, Jess McQuillian, Kate Pearson, Mark Tottman, and Tim Wood.  There will also be continued representation by the South Kilworth News, the Pop-up Café and the Table-tennis group.

(SKNews Editors)

The Village Hall is arguably the beating heart of the village community and the work of the committee is often behind the scenes and entirely altruistic. We wish the new committee every success for their next term.

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