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SK Security WhatsApp Group

This is a WhatsApp based group for South Kilworth that aims to alert villagers about issues of security. Anyone in the village can join. It links with other groups in surrounding villages

Our security WhatsApp group has been running since 2017 and currently has over 70 participants. We try to minimise chatter, focus on security issues and hopefully not be an unnecessary disturbance to otherwise busy members. We started the group during a spate of local burglaries, which fortunately are currently now rare. How much that can be put down to the group we will never know but we have raised awareness of the group and have signs at all entrances to thevillage. To help ensure a village friendly group we have developed a welcome notice and a code of conduct

Joining the group and what to post  

To join the group please contact the administrators with your address and phone number:

Gary Aram 07799894207

Graham Rutter 07721442561

Adam McHenry 07875 285967

Peter Moore 07775 795761

You need to be a Kilworth village resident and have WhatsApp on your phone.

A few things to note ……..

  • The police do not monitor the site so please report crime, serious concerns or Anti-Social Behaviour to the police via 999 / 101 or online at
  • Make your posts concise but detailed – times /places/event etc
  • Remember not to include personal information without permission/consent
  • Post pictures if that helps
  • The group is not to be used for anything other than conveying security alert information – use the village email system or the village website for other community news/issues:
  • If you need to contact someone directly please do it separately

SouthKilworth Security Alert Code of Conduct

To ensure public confidence in SK Alert WhatsApp Group, it is appropriate that the group members adhere to these Ethics and Standards Guidelines, and Policies adopted and taken from the Neighbourhood Watch Network.

1.Honesty and integrity

2.Fairness, Respect and Courtesy

You act with self-control and tolerance, treating everybody with respect and courtesy. You respect the rights of all individuals, avoiding personal opinions.


You act in the public interest.

4.Responsibilities and Accountability

You are personally responsible for the information and comments you put on SK Alert WhatsApp.


You will treat information with respect, and in accordance with the law.

7.Equality and diversity

You act with fairness and impartiality. You will not discriminate unlawfully or unfairly. The Admin team are responsible to ensure group members abide by this at all times.


You will behave in a manner which does not bring discredit upon SK Alert WhatsApp group or Neighbourhood Watch partners, or undermine public confidence.

Failure to adhere to this code of conduct will result in removal from the group

Alerts about security issues in the village are posted with a link to the community Police

The Group Administrators are: Gary Aram 07799 894207 Graham Rutter 07721 442561 Adam McHenry 07875 285967 & Peter Moore 07775 795761

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