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KORKS (Ladies only)

Written by:


Claire Hubbard

Published on:

July 27, 2021

October 10, 2021

KORKS (Ladies only)

There were 45 ladies at our first meeting! We discussed ideas for our name and then voted on our favourite…We had lots of options to choose from e.g. Kilworth Kinks, Kilworth Kurves, Kilworth Kups, Kilworth Koots, and South Kilworth Sisters….but Kilworth Korks received the most votes and so we were born!

Eileen offered to be the Chairperson and I was happy to support her as Secretary. It was agreed that events would be suggested, and each year new event would be organised by a volunteer from within Korks.

Over the years Kork members have organised and enjoyed a hugely diverse number of great evenings. Here are just a few of the wonderful events we’ve enjoyed over the last nine years……

It will be our tenth anniversary in 2021 so let’s hope we can plan something special after the difficulties we have all experienced getting together this year.